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Together We Rise

Welcome to Lazarus Energy, an innovative, fast-growing solar brokerage built on the fundamental idea of giving its team the freedom to take back their financial and time independence. Our diverse team of professionals from all walks of life have come together to make sure that anyone interested in renewable energy succeeds.

Come join us and maximize your earning potential!

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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

By Creating a Membership I agree to the Following:



I understand that I am providing information for the sole purposes of obtaining a Lazarus energy Membership.  Additionally, I give Lazarus Energy permission to store this information knowing this information will not be sold to a 3rd party.

Terms of Service/Refund:

When signing up for a Lazarus Energy Membership you are given access to sensitive company materials.  For this reason no refunds shall be issued for 30 day (Month to Month) Memberships.  If you sign up for longer than a 30 day membership and wish to cancel the system will prorate the time and financial difference and a refund will be issued in 3-5 business days.  Any Banking disputes shall be void.  You have complete control and are solely in charge of your membership Status.  You can upgrade, downgrade, cancel at any time.  Lazarus shall not be held responsible if you fail to cancel your membership in a timely manner. 

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