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All Hands In

Lazarus University 
(Coming Soon)

Lazarus Energy is more than just a solar company. We are an inclusive organization comprised of a diverse group of people, with a shared vision of helping others. Our Team consists of people from all walks of life; stay-at-home parents, engineers, real estate agents, warehouse workers, veterans, laborers, commercial divers, financiers, and firemen just to rattle off a few—all working together to bring the power of solar energy to people from all walks of life. To further support our customers, we are also offering sales training and life coaching services. Stay tuned and we are EXCITED to excel into the Future TOGETHER!

Awaken the Warrior 

At Lazarus Energy, we believe that true strength comes from within. Our 8-week course is designed to help individuals build strength, both physically and mentally. Our program includes a combination of nutritional guidance, strength training, and mental conditioning to help you become the very best version of yourself. We understand the importance of maintaining discipline and motivation in the journey towards self-improvement, and our experienced trainers will be there every step of the way to guide you on your journey.

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Our program is a comprehensive crash course in self-development, with a focus on improving your mental and physical wellness. We teach you how to build up your fitness and discipline, while also helping you to develop healthy, positive relationships with yourself and with others. In just 72 hours, you will find yourself energized and motivated with the tools and techniques necessary to unlock your full potential. At Lazarus Energy, we know that when you feel your best, you can achieve your best.

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Lazarus Master Minds

If you're looking to elevate every aspect of your life, Lazarus Energy's 12-week course can help you do just that. Our program is designed to help you develop habits and routines that will help you achieve success and reach your full potential. We focus on improving mental, spiritual, financial, and physical aspects of your life, so you can become the best version of yourself. Join us today to enhance your mental toughness, build business saavy, and learn other valuable tools to help you succeed for years to come.

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