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Solar Panels Technician

The Solar Process

At Lazarus Energy, we are passionate about making the process of going solar easier, faster and more efficient. We are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and cost-effective solar solutions. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will ensure that your solar installation is tailored to your needs and budget. We believe solar energy should be accessible to everyone, and our team is dedicated to helping our customers make the transition to solar. We make sure that each customer is well-informed and educated on how to get the most out of their solar investment.

commercial residential solar


Consultation & Initial Design

The consultation and initial design phase of a solar project involves the assessment of the site and the determination of the project's feasibility. During this phase, a Lazarus solar consultant or engineer either in person or virtually will typically gather information about the energy needs of the client and conduct a site assessment to evaluate the potential for solar energy production.

The Lazarus consultant will also consider factors such as local weather patterns, shading, and the orientation and tilt of the solar panels to optimize energy output. Based on this information, the consultant will propose a preliminary design and estimate the project's cost and potential energy savings.


Home Evaluation 

Our build partners will gather everything submitted by your Lazarus energy consultant, including the initial design, contract, photos of your roof and your electrical panel, and any other documents needed to get everything ready for installation.

commercial residential solar
commercial residential solar


Engineering & Permitting

During the engineering phase, a solar engineer will typically use specialized software to design a system that is tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of the site. This includes determining the optimal size and placement of solar panels, selecting appropriate equipment such as inverters and wiring, and ensuring that the system is designed to meet local building codes and electrical regulations.

Once the engineering design is complete, the next step is to obtain the necessary permits from the local authorities. This process typically involves submitting detailed information about the proposed solar system, including the engineering drawings, equipment specifications, and electrical wiring diagrams.

Once all plans and permits are approved, the build partner will reach out to you to schedule an installation date. In most cases, this will take a day and may require you to be home during the process. If any pre-installation work is needed, such as roofing upgrades, this will take place before any solar panels or equipment is installed on your home.



The installation process typically begins with the preparation of the site, which may involve cleaning and repairing the roof, as well as installing mounting equipment to secure the solar panels in place.

Next, the solar panels and inverters are installed, with wiring and other electrical components connected to integrate the solar system with the home or building's electrical system.

The installation process may also involve the installation of monitoring equipment, which allows the homeowner or business to track the performance of the solar system and ensure that it is generating the expected amount of electricity.

Once the installation is complete, the system is tested and inspected to ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently. Any necessary adjustments or repairs are made, and the final connections are made to the grid or battery storage system.

commercial residential solar
Solar Power Station



Solar inspection is a process of examining a solar energy system to ensure that it is operating safely, efficiently, and in compliance with local regulations and requirements. This may include an assessment of the system's electrical connections, wiring, and protective devices, as well as an inspection of the solar panels and inverters to ensure that they are functioning properly. A solar inspection may also involve an evaluation of the site and surrounding area to ensure that the system is not posing any safety or environmental hazards. Overall, solar inspection is an important step in maintaining the integrity of a solar energy system and ensuring that it continues to provide reliable and sustainable energy.


Utility Connection & Activation

Utility connection and activation for solar involves connecting the solar energy system to the local utility grid and activating it for use. This typically involves obtaining permission from the local utility company, installing a bi-directional meter to measure the energy generated and consumed by the system, and connecting the solar system to the electrical panel of the home or building. Once the solar system is connected and activated, it can begin generating clean energy that can be used to power the home or building. Any excess energy generated by the system can be sold back to the utility company through net metering, allowing the homeowner or business to receive credits on their utility bill. Overall, utility connection and activation are critical steps in the solar installation process, as they enable the solar energy system to operate efficiently and provide maximum benefits to the user.

commercial residential solar
commercial residential solar


Refer Friends and Family and earn Rewards

Here at Lazarus we believe in helping as many people as possible and always paying it forward.  We would like to compensate you for helping us with our mission!  Referral programs can be a win-win situation for both the existing customers and the new customers, as the existing customers receive a reward, while the new customers can benefit from a discounted price or other incentives for going solar. Overall, referral programs can be an effective way for solar companies to generate new business while rewarding their loyal customers.  Please check out our referral page for more details how we can help each other accomplish our goals..

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